My Local Life… Neil Wise, Ensum Brown

My Local Life… Neil Wise, Ensum Brown

To end the year, The Listing enjoyed catching up with Neil Wise, owner of Ensum Brown Estate Agents in Royston. As well as selling homes, mortgage advice and property management, Neil is also heavily involved in Royston and the local villages through the Community Fund that Ensum Brown started last year.

Where do you live and how long have you lived there?
I’ve lived in Fowlmere for the last 12 years and recently moved home myself, staying within Fowlmere, back in February this year. We love the village and the community, so didn’t want to leave. Before that, I lived in Melbourn all my life and went to the local schools. I’m a local lad through and through.

What’s your favourite local place to eat?
There’s plenty of great restaurants and fantastic pubs around, but our favourite is the Chequers in Fowlmere, the tapas is fantastic and it’s family friendly, even welcoming inside and out for our dog Louis – and of course we can walk there from home. We also love the Fox & Hounds in Barley.

What makes you happy?
Of course number one is my family; my wife, two fantastic kids and of course my dog Louis. But, my work is my other love, maybe sadly to some, but I wake up driven every day! I work with an amazing team of people that I love watching flourish and 9 days out of 10 are great ones. We have made a big difference in the last few years to a lot of people, not just in home moving, and helping them achieve their dream home, but also in the community fund projects that we have facilitated and I want to continue doing even more! Giving back to the community and the area I grew up in is incredibly important to me.

What is your most valued possession?
Although of course I love the finer things in life and I’ve worked hard and owned my own business for over 20 years, it took a long time for it all to come good, with some hard lessons learned along the way. Whilst the hard work now buys lovely things and that’s great, anyone who really knows me would know it’s not possessions that make me buzz!

What do you love about your work?
There are not many careers where you get to make a massive change in people’s lives, but in an estate agency, you get that opportunity. It’s a tainted industry, and still rightly so, but it’s great to change people’s perception and create life long fans and friends of our business.

What is your favourite Royston experience?
Seeing the impact Ensum Brown has been able to make in the Royston and local village communities. We’ve donated over £20,000 this year so far to local projects, good causes and events that are beneficial to the local communities. It’s fantastic seeing the results and difference we have made. I particularly enjoyed attending the open air cinema on the heath this summer with my son Elliot, which we sponsored and helped to make happen for the local Scouts fundraiser.

What sustainability measures have you implemented in your business?
We’re very digitally orientated in what we do, anyone who knows Ensum Brown has probably seen us popping up continuously on their social media! Part of our set-up is that we share co-working space in Kooky Nohmad in Royston, which helps us to be more sustainable. There are loads more we can do and we intend to in the future.

What has been the most valuable life lesson that you have learnt?
Life can be hard, both personally and in business, with challenges that knock you back, and they can hurt, but they are all lessons and you’ve just got to get up, learn and come back better and stronger.

Which four people you would invite to dinner?
Simon Sinek, he’s an inspirational talker in business. Tom Hanks, is my favourite actor. Tyson Fury, I love boxing and he’d definitely be an interesting dinner date and finally, Ronnie O’Sullivan, another sporting genius.

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