My Local Life – James Rivers

James Rivers is a the owner of Gymbo’s fitness facilities in Meldreth and Sawston. This month he has agreed to be our ‘local life’ and share a little about the person behind the business!

Where do you live? Royston. We moved there back in 2014 from Melbourn.
What’s your favourite local place to eat? My wife and I enjoy visiting Banyers in Royston and highly recommend the calamari at Cote Brasserie Cambridge!
Your favourite Local Shop? Merlin Mica Hardware – a really useful place for supplies when I was painting the walls of my Gymbo’s Sawston facility before it opened earlier this year
What is your guilty pleasure? I may be in the fitness industry but I’ll never say no to chocolate!
What was the last film you watched? Alien Covenant at the Royston Picture Palace. I do love a good sci-fi movie!
What makes you happy? Spending time with my wife and baby daughter.
What annoys you? Tottenham Hotspur losing (which thankfully is a much rarer occurrence these days)!
What is your favourite book? The Jack Reacher series by Lee Child
What do you love about your work? Seeing how my work as a personal trainer has impacted my clients’ lives in such a positive way is one of the main reasons why I am still in the industry a decade later. It has also been a real joy seeing my company Gymbo’s grow to the extent that I now own a personal training studio in Meldreth and a functional fitness training facility in Sawston. It gives me great pride being able to provide career opportunities to personal trainers and help them do what they love for a living in what is such a competitive industry.
What is your most valued possession? Before my daughter arrived I would have chosen my car, but since she was born she has completely stolen my heart to the extent that no material possession could compare!
What is your greatest fear? Working too much and consequently seeing too little of my daughter.
What are you most looking forward to this September? Our first family holiday (to Wells).

Unit 1 Cambrad Building, College Farm Business Park,
North End, Meldreth, SG8 6NT| 01223 837728
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