My Local Life: Alexander Green

For over twenty years Alexander Green Interiors have been helping our customers’ businesses grow and succeed. Whether you need an office chair to ease an aching back, an additional work space for a new recruit, or a bespoke office redesign, Alexander Green Office Interiors can help! This month we caught up with Lee Alexander to find out more about the man behind the business (some will also recognise Lee from Royston BMX Club).

Where do you live?

What Is your favourite local eatery?
Wood Grill in Croydon.

What is your favourite local shop?
Scrivens Opticians in Royston High Street – they have been looking after my eyes and my family’s eyes for years and they are brilliant.

What makes you happy?
Riding bikes, BMX bikes, road bikes, MTB bikes, watching my kids playing sports, watching my wife and kids laugh, and cheese.

What is your favourite film and why?
12 Monkeys. Brad Pitt is pure class in this film and shows what an amazing actor he is… Bromance.

What do you love about your work?
Making sure every one of my clients gets the office interiors they deserve and my clients having the trust in my knowledge and experience that they know I will deliver exactly what we say we will. Lastly, and probably the best, is taking a rundown tired office space and making it look amazing and getting to see the clients reaction – which is normally ‘wow’!

What is your most valued possession?
All of my bikes.

What amazes you?
The human body and mind! You can smash your body to bits yet it manages to repair itself (sometimes with help, I admit). You can go through the toughest of challenges in life mentally, however, with enough positivity and belief you can come back from anything stronger than you were before!

What is your favourite way to spend a weekend?
Yes you guessed it… Bikes! Riding bikes, coaching BMX at Royston BMX Club, maintaining the BMX track so it’s the best track in East Anglia and of cou

rse, spending time with my family – whether it’s watching them do sport, having a barbeque, drinking cider and feeling a bit of sun on my face.

What are you most looking forward to this month?
The warmer weather!

How do you stay fit?
Cycling, cycling, cycling, and a bit more cycling.

What is the most challenging aspect of your position?
Making sure everything turns up on time and the same as most sales companies – making sure you have lots of sales opportunities.

What is the best thing to happen to you recently?
Business Wise is winning a project for 52 student accommodation bedrooms, social spaces and their admin offices. Personally, I took part in a 24-hour race

at the Derby Velodrome recently which is something none of the six team riders had ever done before and we managed to finish 10th out of a total of 20 teams. We rode 900 kilometres which translated in to 3600 laps at an average speed of 23.3mph. Not bad.

What is your proudest moment?
Watching my kids grow into amazing, polite, fine, human beings. This is an ongoing project…

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Alexander Green provide sound, open, friendly advice with over 20 years’ experience within the office furniture and seating industry, supplying many businesses locally and nationally. Our close manufacturer partnerships allow us to present a wide range of solutions to fit all your needs and requirements. Alexander Green’s quotation and CAD planning service will illustrate your office layout from start to finish with 2D and 3D visual examples. With our extensive range of available wood colours, there is a combination for every type of office environment. When looking to purchase office furniture for your work environment it is important to consider the space you have as the office environment is shifting rapidly, resulting in new challenges and opportunities for many companies.

An example being Agile working. Agile working is all about creating a flexible office space and a productive working environment where your employees have the option to sit, stand and work in a setting where it is most suitable for them to complete their daily tasks.

Lee Alexander
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