Mother’s Day Inspiration – Twelve top ideas to put a smile on your mum’s face…

Twelve top ideas to put a smile on your mum’s face…

Fresh flowers – Nothing says ‘I love you Mum’ like a beautiful bouquet of flowers. We have some talented florists in our area who will make up a bespoke floral collection.

A magazine subscription – A gift that lasts all year round and gives you a wealth of choice. Pick a title you know she loves – or find an inspirational one that could introduce her to a new interest, or even keep her going on a New Year’s Resolution.

A photo shoot – Treat mum to a session with a local photographer for a family photo with her favourite child (that’s you!) Brothers and sisters and grandchildren could be included too.

A fancy frame – For the glamorous photo you took of her last summer, a special card or document, or choose a gorgeous print by a local artist.

Quality time – How about a pamper session for you and mum to enjoy together? It doesn’t have to be a full-blown spa day (although that would earn you many Brownie points!) a manicure followed by a glass of something nice at your favourite local pub could work.

Something sparkly – What mum wouldn’t like a nice piece of jewellery? Pick something pretty you know she’d like or buy a gift voucher and go along to help her choose. We’ve got some fab jewellery shops in our local town so you might find a unique piece.

A meal out – This would be a welcome treat on Mothering Sunday. Be sure to plan ahead though as the best venues will be booked up well in advance.

Learn together – Why not book the two of you onto a local one day course or craft workshop? It’ll be a good time to bond and potentially discover some shared talents!

Cakes and chocolates – A no brainer, right? Bake or make your own (there’s plenty of time for a few practice bakes), or look locally for something a bit different – you could even get your cake personalised.

A good book – A romantic fictional tale to get lost in, or a page-turner thriller she won’t want to put down – the choice is yours.

A great day out – Lots of options locally to enjoy exploring; an interesting stately home, an attractive garden, or grounds – and finish in a tea shop! You might want to cut straight to the tea shop (we’ve got lots of those locally!) or make a garden centre the focus of your day – the best ones sell drinks and cake too after all!

Tickets for something to look forward to – A trip to the theatre, a comedy, a musical performance, a film… the options are endless. We’re lucky to have so much talent and choice on our doorstep.

TOP TIP If mum has a cat, it is essential that your bouquet does NOT contain lilies as these are extremely poisonous to cats.