Is Anyone In Your Village Living With Parkinson’s?

Most of us do know of someone who has been diagnosed with this condition, who is now living with knowledge of what that implies for themselves and for their family and friends in the future.

The Cambridgeshire branch of Parkinson’s UK exists so that People with Parkinson’s (PwPs) do not have to face the future alone. Meetings, therapies and a bi-monthly newsletter offer advice, information, and companionship – our members say that knowing that you are not alone is the best possible aid to coming to terms with the diagnosis.

In the next year the Cambridge Branch aims to offer transport assistance to PwPs who would not otherwise be able to benefit from its meetings and therapies – many of them living in Cambridgeshire villages with limited bus services. Offering this support to everyone who will benefit from it inevitably costs money. Street collections and donations are supplemented each year by the Branch’s major fundraiser.

The Annual Spring Tulip Fun Run is a 7km/4-mile level fun run on 19th April, leaving and returning to Scotsdale’s Garden Centre in Shelford. In 2020 we are inviting all the villages in the area to enter a team. In so doing a village might be the first to win the David Johnston Memorial Trophy created in memory of a member who was an enthusiastic participant in the past. It will be awarded annually to the person or group — family, village, business — making the greatest contribution to the Fun Run, whether it be in enrolling runners and walkers, raising money, or overcoming the greatest challenge by taking part.

For more details, please visit or call Caroline on 01223 314279