Conservators of Therfield Heath Update

Please see below for a February update from The Conservators of Therfield Heath & Greens.

As we write this in January 2020 Royston remains in tier 4 lockdown and we are all trying to reduce opportunities for the Covid-19 virus to spread. The open expanse of Heath –and the smaller greens – offer local people the opportunity to exercise outdoors (in their household bubbles or as otherwise permitted) and many local residents have been able use these spaces, whilst respecting the rules and social distancing guidelines in force. We will keep updating our website as the rules change.

As we (hopefully) start to see better weather – and the start of spring approaches – keep an eye out for signs with information about the ground nesting birds. The breading season for these birds is generally March to July and the nests they make are very well camouflaged throughout the Heath. Each year we ask, on behalf of these wonderful creatures, for human folk to stick to the main paths and keep their dogs under their control. It only takes one curious dog to scare away breading pairs and abandoned eggs will not hatch leading to a serious decline in numbers. We humans will know that nesting birds, if scared, may make loud calls, circle around or dive bomb. If we see this let’s step back, move away, and move on. In general, birds’ nest are legally protected so let’s keep on making a safe space for each other.

The various sports fields near the Heath café are an ideal space for us all to use in order to run freely, and exercise safely, away from the nest sites.