Community News: The Semitones – A Feast of Talent…

The Semitones – A Feast of Talent

Named after the smallest interval between two musical notes, “The Semitones”, began as a music group in Foxton Village Hall over 25 years ago, for mothers, fathers, grandparents and childminders, and their smallest human musicians!

Foxton Scarecrow 2023 Ashley West from the ‘Semitones’ Music School
Foxton Scarecrow 2023 Lara Holloway of the Semitones

The group was inaugurated by two local ladies, Rosalind Meese Grove (a teacher) and Julia Alexander (a nurse), who between them had five children aged 5 and under as a music and social group. As they grew the youngster’s interests and skills were developed, and what started as more of a hobby turned into first a part time occupation and thence into a joyous full time career.

Rosalind, happily states, “We aim to have fun amid a variety of musical skills along the way. The Semitones choir is ad hoc and comprises pupils from the age of six. It is free to join and is multi-national with children representing China, Hong Kong, Ireland, Poland, Ukraine, Spain, Columbia, and a number of other nations, as well as of course the UK, and strives to be inclusive, having encompassed children with Downs Syndrome and those on the Autistic spectrum over its lifespan. Semitones musicians gather to sing and play music at such activities as Christingle services in St Lawrence Church for the biennial Christmas Windows event, informal concerts in Orwell Church for example, and of course for the Foxton Scarecrow Weekends, with fancy dress very much encouraged.”

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