Community News: New Business is Brim Full of Innovation

New Business is Brim Full of Innovation

To operate a successful retail business in these troubled and difficult trading times one requires to be an extraordinaire in the deployment of their skills and attitude towards the hard pressed public. So, it is against all odds that a professional person in his late seventies should wish to re-emerge from semi-retirement and start up a business, albeit one that is associated with a commodity that he has devoted much of his life to, running it virtually single handed.

Paul Bowes is an exception to the norm. His forte lies in the literary field,  his passion for books and serving the public. He espied an empty unit in his local town of Royston earlier in the year and opened the area’s first bookshop for many years. With a coolness and great aplomb he initiated a soft opening of his new venture, which he was forced to bring forward due to the large excited crowd of early shoppers that had gathered outside the store. But the following week a famous name in the literary field performed a grand official opening. Amid crowds awaiting outside the store, author, Jeffrey Archer, arrived to conduct the honours and sign his latest novel. From then on the business hasn’t looked back and with Paul’s expert touch and innovative spirit it continues to gather ever more support.

Amongst many other customer attractions, Paul is continually inviting the public to interesting seminars by local celebrities held upstairs in the shop’s well appointed Folio Lounge. Last week it was the turn of author and business lady, Elisabeth Goodman, who was presenting her latest River Rhee Publishing title, ‘Coaching In The Helix’ to a pre-booked audience of interested public followers.

Elisabeth is a workplace and life coach. She founded her own business, River Rhee Consulting, in 2009 after over 25 years in the Pharmaceutical Industry. She particularly enjoys helping individuals to connect with what is important, possible and sustainable for them. She is an advocate for Neurodiversity at work, specialising in coaching for autism and ADHD. Experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic brought her closer to nature, so she is now actively involved in addressing climate change and our impact on biodiversity, as well as coaching people to find their own agency in relation to climate and the environment.

“This book is about learning, self-development, and growth. It’s about the journey I have been on, and continue to be on, to become who I truly am. It’s an exploration of other coaches’ journeys too, to see if there are any common themes in our experiences”, Elisabeth explained. “And its an exploration of, if and how these journeys of self-development, for us as coaches, influence the quality of our coaching” she added.

Paul Bowes commented, “Bow Books was delighted to host the first of Elisabeth’s two coaching sessions, the second being on Friday, October 6th at 7.30 pm. After a very informed and practical presentation, a lively discussion ensued in a most convivial atmosphere.”

Elizabeth stated that she was very pleased with how the evening unfolded. “It was so wonderful to celebrate the book in Paul’s beautiful Folio Lounge,” she concluded.

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Open 6 days a week: Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm, Saturday 9am to 5pmBow Books, 6 Angel Pavement, Royston, Hertfordshire SG8 9AS

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Article and photography Clive Porter