Be Sustainable: Zero Waste Christmas

Be Sustainable: Zero Waste Christmas

Christmas can be a magical time of year, but it is also, unfortunately, a time of excess waste: packaging, gift wrap, food, and more.

However, Christmas doesn’t need to be so wasteful, and it can be just as much fun without. Here are some tips to get you started with a zero waste Christmas that you and your family can enjoy.

• Give gifts with a slight twist. Handmade gifts are wonderful, or an experience, charity donation or even zero waste swaps that can help your loved ones on their eco journey.

• Paper gift wrap is often not recyclable due to its coatings: some papers are plastic coated, some foiled, and some covered in glitter. This means the majority of wrapping paper gets sent straight to the landfill. Avoid this by hand stamping your own paper, this can look really effective and can be something fun to do with the children.

• Plan your food for the festive season, this will reduce food waste and ensure you have your favourite items on the menu. Wrap food waste correctly so that you can use it up the next day.

• If you have a suitable potted tree, bring it indoors and decorate it. If not, a real pine tree is a better option than an artificial one as it can be recycled after use. Or, even better: buy a living tree. If you already own an artificial tree, reuse it for as many years as possible.

• If you already own Christmas decorations, reuse those for as long as possible. If not, why not create your own recyclable and compostable decorations at home? Or some decorations you will want to use year after year? Whichever you opt for, homemade doesn’t come with all the excess packaging of shop-bought.

Enjoy your zero waste Christmas!

Safe Stay, Kim

Kim Fletcher