Be Sustainable This February

Be Sustainable This February

Well done to all of you who boldly attempted Veganuary or even Meat-free Mondays throughout January. Being vegan or vegetarian doesn’t suit everyone, but any small changes to our weekly menus by reducing the consumption of red meat and dairy products will improve our health and ultimately benefit our beautiful planet.

The 2nd February is World Wetlands Day. Walk mindfully through RSPB Fowlmere and take in the beauty of its biodiversity and carbon sink right on our doorstep.

For those of you who love Valentine’s Day and like to celebrate with a little romance, there are sustainable alternatives to the merchandising mayhem: a romantic home-cooked meal by eco-friendly candlelight; bake a heart-shaped cake in that tin which lives at the back of the cupboard the rest of the year; support local businesses and gift a piece of vintage jewellery or FairTrade chocolates; perhaps consider a pot of living snowdrops, crocuses and aubretia instead of force-grown red roses with their many air miles; and handmade cards are always the best!

Folklore says that on Valentine’s Day the birds begin to build their nests. Why not make simple, wooden nesting boxes to fix to your garden’s tree, fence or wall? Pour yourself a nice FairTrade cuppa and sit and watch nature’s greatest show. Hedgehogs may be sleeping less with the unusually mild weather so do be aware of them snuffling around your patch and tidy up any netting to keep them safe from getting tangled up.

Whether you have a garden or a window box, now is the time to sow those tomato seeds indoors. Keep them watered and draught free and they’ll soon be ready to plant out in warmer weather.

Sustain-Ability Team