Be More Sustainable: Why is plastic so negative for the environment?

Be More Sustainable: Why is plastic so negative for the environment?

We all know that plastic is bad, I am sure we have all seen the images of plastic floating in the ocean or a turtle trying to eat a plastic bag but what does it really do to the planet, wildlife and our health?

Plastic is produced in high quantities each year and in most cases just used once and then disposed of. Some is recycled locally but unfortunately the majority is either taken to landfill or ends up in our water ways and ultimately finds its way to the oceans.

Once plastic is in the rivers and oceans it is faced with the elements which over many years, breaks it down into smaller pieces of plastic which wildlife and marine life consume. Imagine feeding plastic to your pets? These inhabitants become increasingly unwell and eventually cannot survive. Oceans are the first victims of plastic pollution. Plastic waste can be found in all the oceans, constituting 90 percent of the oceans’ pollution. Not only is plastic bad for the ocean’s ecosystems, but it also pollutes our soil. Once in landfill, chemicals and toxins leak into our soil which effects the quality for growing foods. Plastics are also now being found in the human body, which can have a negative effect on our health and hormones. Once we bring plastic into our lifestyle it is around forever as it doesn’t biodegrade, it seems there is no escaping the devastation plastic can cause.

So reducing your plastic consumption is the only way to impact the effects it is having on the environment, wildlife and also your health.

Safe Stay, Kim

Kim Fletcher