All you need is love

All you need is love

Are you someone who has always wanted to make a difference to others? Fostering could be your calling in life.

The Covid-19 pandemic may have led to big changes in your life or current job, and you may now have the time to consider taking the next step in fostering a child.

Foster carers Jools and Ed have fostered 14 children with Hertfordshire County Council and decided to foster because they “wanted to be heavily involved in helping to create better paths and lives for these children”. Ed believes he has found his calling in life with fostering. He said: “I’ve been in careers and always felt like there’s something missing. With fostering, that missing piece has gone now, it has been filled.

“I think everyone has a role to play in life, and some people go through life not finding what they’re meant to be doing, but in fostering, I think I’ve found that. It’s been an amazing journey.”

There are many children in desperate need of a family. Each month, Hertfordshire County Council receives an average of 55 requests for new foster placements.

There are many different types of fostering and foster carers can choose what is right for them. Foster carers receive a weekly payment for their skills plus a weekly allowance for each child they look after, as well as full training and unrivalled support.

To become a foster carer in Hertfordshire, you must be over 21 years old, and have at least one spare room at home.
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