Wimpole Night Run

Wimpole are hosting another 2k and 7k Night Run this March.
If you’re looking to take part, but not sure about the whole experience, runner Beth Hart explains what her first time running the event was like!

This was the most fun I’ve had in the dark for ages! It was my first time trying out a Nightrun, and I was intrigued by an article in a National Trust events leaflet.

Quite a few members of the ‘Introduction to Running Group’ at Wimpole decided to register so there was a good turnout on the night. I think we were all a bit nervous about running in the dark but we all had our head torches and lots of layers on (It was very cold by the time we started).

The atmosphere was amazing and we were all anticipating the start, but when the claxon sounded it was like a scene from The Charge of the Light Brigade. We found ourselves being carried along by a crowd of cheering and laughing runners and we couldn’t help whooping and laughing as runners slithered in the mud, lost shoes (temporarily) as we made our way round the route.

The volunteer marshalls around the course were a very welcome sight as they pointed us in the right direction as our head torches only gave us a small circle of light to see the route.The sight of all the runners with head torches snaking their way up the hill was incredible. Seeing the parkland under such different conditions was a lovely contrast to running there during daylight hours.

A lot of the runners said how running in the dark kept you going as you couldn’t always anticipate what was coming up so there was less chance of wanting to slow down.

It was an incredible experience to go over the finishing line and to be cheered in by all the supporters. It was great to get a chipped time but to be honest it was more important to make it round with everything intact.

The goody bag was a welcome treat and we vowed to do it all again the next year. We are looking forward to March 11th when we can do just that and I’ve been told we will be kitted out in net skirts with flashing lights on!

If you would like to take part in this years Night Run you can visit Wimpole’s what’s on guide for more information and how to sign up: