Three Painters, One Sculptor at Stapleford Granary Exhibition…

Three Painters, One Sculptor at Stapleford Granary exhibition of paintings & sculpture running until 16th April 2023 – FREE admission

Curated by Alan Kluckow, Stapleford Granary presents an exhibition of 48 artworks by four artists.

Tom Benjamin

Tom Benjamin’s landscapes are painted swiftly outdoors as the light changes, capturing a moment of sun on water, dappled shade on trees or dusk over the city.

Tom was born in Totnes in Devon. He has lived and worked in Lewes for thirty years. Themes in his work include tree portraits and seascapes of Hope Gap in Sussex, Newhaven, Cornwall and Harris. He has regular solo shows with St Anne’s Galleries Lewes and shows with The Russell Gallery in London and Browns Gallery in Tain, Scotland.

Philip Maltman describes his area of artistic interest as ‘the aftermath of human intervention in nature’. His vivid flowers suggest the wild and untouched. The addition of his spidery and graffiti-like handwriting on the paintings is suggestive of  urban wastelands where nature finds a way to co-exist – poignantly, stoically –  alongside man-made structures.

Philip Maltman

Philip was born in Ayrshire and studied at Ravensbourne College of Art & Design. He has produced paintings, drawings, prints, photographs and written work for over 40 years.

Ian Turnock’s sculptures are inspired by patterns formed by trees against the sky and the empty spaces left between leaves and branches. His silhouettes are cut digitally into large circular discs of steel, aluminium and copper, compressing the subject matter into a flat two-dimensional form. Ian’s background in graphic design influences his exploration of form and line. He has exhibited across the UK and Europe since 2007.

Ian Turnock

Susan Laughton’s landscapes reveal the world as if seen through a half-glimpsed mist or from the windows of a train. Barely-there outlines of farm buildings, trees, rooftops and power lines are subsumed in cool early-morning tones, lending an ethereal quality and a delicacy to their everyday functionality and solidity. Susan worked in architecture for twelve years before devoting herself to a career as a professional artist. Her work is exhibited regularly in the UK and is held in private collections in the UK, Europe, the US and Australia.

Susan Laughton

Kate Romano, CEO said ‘We’re delighted to host this beautiful collection. At first glance, the work of these four artists couldn’t be more different from one another, but there are common themes of light, landscape and nature. Alan Kluckow has grouped the paintings and sculptures in small ensembles, subtly making connections between colours, textures and materials. They flow through the building like a set of variations on a theme, calmly and quietly offering an invitation to see the world around us in different ways.’ 

With thanks to Alan Kluckow

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