Theatre Company Brings Positivity

Theatre Company Brings Positivity

Local female-run theatre company, TNT Theatre, have taken the negative situation of lockdown and used it to their advantage, to create something that could help lift the spirits of others and bring our community together.

The exciting project has been put together by brand-new, company, ‘TNT Theatre’, made up of three actors who have recently graduated with degrees in the theatre sector during the pandemic. During a time when theatres have had to close and live performances have been put on hold, they had to think outside of the box in order to continue performing.

Their first project, ‘Lockdown Lives’, premiers on 24th February, came about after hearing of the many different experiences people have had throughout the national lockdowns and they felt it was important that these stories were shared. They began interviewing real people from across the country to find out more about how lockdown had affected them. They were amazed by people’s positivity and enthusiasm. They used this research as inspiration to write monologues which were then allocated to some wonderful actors.

TNT Theatre say “This process has taken a number of months and we’ve had to overcome many factors, including the fact that due to the COVID guidelines, we couldn’t meet in person and everything had to be done online. We are ready to share our work, which is a series of monologues, with two posted each week.”

The series will be available to view on TNT Theatre’s social media pages.

Find out more by visiting:
Instagram: TNT Theatre Company
Youtube: TNT Theatre Company
Facebook: TNT_TheatreCompany