Spotlight On… Melbourn Timebank

Spotlight On… Melbourn Timebank

Melbourn Timebank was set up in 2018 for the people of Melbourn and surrounding villages, acknowledging and building on the strong sense of community already existing, with many brilliant examples of volunteers helping neighbours, contributing to clubs and organisations thereby supporting and enriching the lives of residents.

The Timebank’s focus is to bring the village community together by sharing time and skills and providing a focal point for new people coming into our community and helping them become part of village life. The Timebank is the place that you go to offer your time and skills or request some help from someone in your community. For every hour you give, you receive one credit which you can then exchange for someone to provide you with the time, skill, or experience that you don’t have. When available this time can also be exchanged for cinema or theatre tickets too.

Timebanking can develop new friendships, connections and networks that build a stronger, safer and happier community. Everyone is welcome, regardless of age or abilities, including local businesses and organisations.

During the pandemic the Timebank has been invaluable in helping to address isolation and in identifying volunteers able to support Melbourn residents in need of assistance and I’m pleased to report this good work continues in the community.

If you interested in joining the Timebank please contact 07483 176929 or 01763 263303, or email
You are welcome to join one of friendly coffee mornings at the Melbourn Community Hub on Thursdays from 10am-12pm. Please contact for further information.
Stephanie Trayhurn, Timebank Coordinator