Spotlight On… Luna Animal Rescue

Spotlight On… Luna Animal Rescue

Luna Animal Rescue was established in October 2013, so is almost ready to celebrate a 10th birthday!

Since then thousands of dogs, cats and small animals have moved from pounds and previous homes, through foster homes and rehabilitation and onto new lives with new families.

Luna has taken animals from all over the UK, including Scotland and Wales and have rehomed to families as far as small Scottish Islands too. Our foster families are invaluable and are a huge resource of love and care for our animals, which helps with assessment and understanding what they need and helps give lots of information to adopters.

Luna doesn’t receive any funding, and all our activities are from fundraising and adoption donations. We have vets bills often up in the region of £40-50k per year, which all needs to be covered to give our animals the best of health for their onward journey. None of our volunteers take a salary, and none are paid at all, which means that all donations are guaranteed to absolutely change the lives of animals.

You may see posts on Facebook for appeals, you may see fundraising events locally and you may see online auctions all of which helps to keep us ticking over, and we are always grateful to everyone who supports us in all these ways.

We are always keen to hear from people interested in fostering and adopting, and are always on the lookout for fundraising volunteers and failing all else, everyone can spread the word to help us continue our work.

If you think you may be interested in our work, you can follow us on Facebook or at our website where you can see our animals ready for new homes, and keep track of what we are up to in the local area, including education activities that we will be undertaking this coming year

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