Royston Parish Church Update

Royston Parish Church Update

Since our last update, with work on both the tower roof and the nave roof completed, the church has now emerged from its

temporary covering and much of the scaffolding removed so that the iconic building of Royston is visible once again.

Although Phase 2 is not yet complete, with work to clean the smoked damaged East elevation of the tower continuing as well as the rebuilding of one of the arches, progress is moving ahead.

The next stage, Phase 3, is expected to commence towards the end of March. This includes the internal works required as part of the restoration as well as the work on refurbishing the church to create a beautiful house of prayer for the community for the 21st century.
The exciting thing that has happened since our last update was the return of the bells. They were greeted by a limited number of us, including the vicar Rev’d Heidi Huntley and bell-ringers. Although the bells have been re-hung they will not be heard for some time as the ropes will not be fitted until the floors in the bell tower have been replaced.

On the fundraising front, the “Sponsor a Chair” scheme is progressing well with over £27,000 being donated to date, equivalent to 109 chairs. We are

now setting the target at 125 chairs and are asking for donations.

To make a donation, visit