Royston & District Motorcycle Club

Royston & District Motorcycle Club

Royston & District Motor Cycle Club ride outs got off to a bright start with the easing of the Covid restrictions with visits to Ringsway Water, Frinton on Sea and Wormley Canal.

Whilst on the three occasions the temperature was low, the sun was out casting the appearance of a hot summer day.

It was bring your own lunch on the trips to Ringways and Wormley but the lure and the smell of the sea plus the local fish and chip shop was too strong in Frinton. Sandwiches were cast aside, a fact much appreciated by the local sea gulls, if not by those who made the sandwiches.

Finding a sheltered spot on the sea front was not quite swimming costumes weather but certainly shirt sleeves. This proved a false dawn for on the return journey the riders encounter a snow flurry when passing through Chrisall.

With the evenings turning so cold and gritting lorries out on the roads evening rides are on hold for April but come May should see the club venture out on Wednesday evenings.