Reduce Your Plastic Consumption

Reduce Your Plastic Consumption

Becoming more sustainable can feel overwhelming and often seem like a huge “to do list”. Here are some great ways to help reduce your plastic usage and have a more positive impact on the environment.

1. Get your veggies from the market. This is a great place to start, often cheaper and with better produce shopping from your local market or farm shop will give you the opportunity to have a huge impact of how much plastic you throw into the rubbish each week.

2. Always take water with you. Investing and using a reusable water bottle can dramatically reduce how much plastic water bottles you go through each week which ultimately end up in landfill or contribute to the plastic pollution in our oceans.

3. Prepare your own food. Grabbing take away food on the go is a huge cause to plastic overconsumption so making your own lunch or taking homemade snacks with you cannot only reduce plastic but also be healthier and considerably cheaper.

4. Get involved in local community initiatives. We have a great initiative locally called Royston Environmental Group, aiming to drastically reduce single-use plastic in the town and surrounding areas. Their website provides simple and practical tips on how to reduce plastic usage. Actively working towards a more conscious community Royston Environmental Group is working with Surfers Against Sewages to strive to make Royston more environmentally friendly.

Safe Stay, Kim
Kim Fletcher