Royston Cave June Update: Summer Solstice at Royston Cave

One of the more intriguing theories about Royston Cave is that it is situated where two ley energy lines cross. Some people, including dowsers, can feel the positive, and sometimes negative, energies given by these lines. Within England, there are said to be two powerful lines, the Michael line, and the Mary line.

Royston Cave is one of only 17 sites that both the Michael and Mary lines are thought to cross over, which makes it a very special place. Other notable locations where the lines meet are Glastonbury Tor and the Avebury Stone Circle.

Because of the spiritual significance of the cave’s location, we are again holding our summer solstice sessions.

The summer solstice holds both astronomical and spiritual significance. It is the time of year, for those in the Northern hemisphere, that the Earth’s axis is tilted most towards the sun. For many, it is a time to celebrate, with festivals and fayres before the days begin to shorten again.

There will be two different events held within the cave this month.

On the 20th June, there will be four sessions which, after visitor feedback from last year, will now last for about 45 minutes. Each will accommodate up to 8 people only, and there will be rugs and cushions to sit upon. This will not be a guided tour, but just a time to sit and relax within the cave. You may wish to meditate and quietly contemplate, giving yourself time to recharge on this longest day.

For those seeking something a bit more special, on 21st June there will be a Sunrise session an exclusive two-hour event 4am to 6am. You will be offered a relaxing led meditation, and it is hoped that you will be able to open yourself to the energies within the cave as the sunrises.

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