My Local Life – Lee Jauncey

Lee Martin Jauncey is founder of LMJ Plumbing, a heating and plumbing business based in Litlington, where he has lived for the past nine years. The Listing caught up with Lee to ask him some questions and find out more about the person behind the business.

Tell us about your work.
I worked with my father for many years as part of his building and plumbing business, and when he decided to retire I went on my own and formed LMJ Plumbing.

What do you love about your work?
I enjoy my job as I get to meet people from all walks of life.

What’s your favourite local place to eat?
When going out to eat we like to visit Yuva as you can always rely on the food being good. We also like to visit country pubs that have a nice garden when the weather is good.

What is your favourite way to spend a Saturday?
At the weekends my favourite pastime is to take our caravan and visit different places in the South East.

What are you looking forward to most this month?
One good thing about October is that I should be able to put the mower away for the winter as I have spent a lot of my time mowing paddocks for our ponies (although I am not looking forward to the winter mud!)

What is your proudest moment?
One of my proudest moments was when my granddaughter was born and she’s a joy.

What is your favourite film?
My favourite film at the moment is Bohemian Rhapsody as I am a life long fan of Freddie Mercury and Queen and it was good to see how they began. But give me a good Bond movie any day.

What has been the most valuable life lesson that you have learnt?
The most valuable life lesson I have learnt is “Happy wife, easy life!”

How do you relax?
To unwind at the end of the week I look forward to sitting in my garden with a nice bottle of red wine.

What inspirational quote sums you up?
I like to think honesty is the best policy.

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