David Knight

20150803_105733Give someone 20 minutes to talk about their life and you never know what you might discover!  This month, skilled local tradesman & handyman David Knight tells us a little about himself…

What’s your name?
Well my name is David Knight or Knighty to some!

Where do you live?
It’s 8 years this year I’ve lived in Royston after moving out of Enfield 16 years ago.

What’s your favourite local place to eat?
With so many nice eateries in town, it’s a close call but the Royal Bengal shades it for a good old nosh up. Lovely food and Jahid the owner is a top chap and all the staff are friendly. I know Jahid through Cricket.

Your favourite Local Shop?
I have been in the Cave Shop a few times and find it fascinating. There’s some real one off items to be found, an aladdin’s cave of treasures!

What is your guilty pleasure?
Well there is definitely more than one here but chocolate and cake have to be right up there! I do like the odd flutter on the horses coming from an East End family who raced greyhounds and loved a bet on the horses. I’m hopelessly unlucky though, I couldn’t even win a free sample.

The last book you read?
I have to admit that the last book I read was Gangster Gran by David Walliams. I read it to my boys and it was outrageously funny. I was disappointed when I finished it.

What is your proudest moment?
Without doubt seeing my boys being born and cutting their cords was a very proud moment for me. It changes you forever, you have to be a parent to understand that feeling.

What is your greatest fear?
Not much worries me but getting old is my greatest fear. It can’t be stopped but its scary none the less how quickly time goes. As parents we all worry about our own mortality and being around as long as possible for our kids.

What is your favourite film?
The first film that comes to mind is “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” a film described by Quentin Tarantino as “the best directed film ever”. I love the dramatic scenes and music and of course, young Clint Eastwood was such a cool dude eh? Rather like myself!

What do you love about your work?
The freedom and flexibility of my job is what I love. I get to do school runs, watch plays and of course have a day off when I feel the dreaded man flu is just too much. It’s nice not having a boss telling you what to do and it’s rewarding doing a job that a customer is delighted with.

What is your most valued possession?
I’m not materialistic at all and am a firm believer in “The best things in life are free” but my phone with all my family photos on has to come out close to the top.

Best thing that has happened to you recently?
I was overjoyed to get a hat with an enormous bobble on it recently from my wife. I love bobble hats, the bigger the bobble the better!

David Knight
Skilled Handyman
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