Members of Parliament: Who’s In, Who’s Out

The Listing delivers to two different parliamentary constituencies; North East Hertfordshire which covers Royston and the villages to the south of the town, and South Cambridgeshire, covering villages north of the A505 bypass.

2019 saw Heidi Allen step down as the MP for South Cambridgeshire after a colourful year. She began the year as a Conservative but resigned from the party in February to join the newly created Change UK. After a disappointing run in the European Elections, Allen quit Change UK too, and became an independent. The final twist in the story came in October when she revealed that she would initially stand as the Liberal Democrat candidate in South Cambridgeshire at the next election but decided later on in the month to take a step back from politics all together, after she suffered what she called “utterly dehumanising” abuse and was “exhausted” by the “nastiness and intimidation” she had faced.

With Heidi Allen stepping down, the Liberal Democrats stood Ian Sollom as their candidate to fight the December 12th General Election, the Conservatives stood Anthony Browne and Labour stood Dan Greef. Congratulations to Anthony Browne for winning the seat. The full result can be seen below.

For North East Hertfordshire, the election saw Royston-resident Sir Oliver Heald hold the seat he has held since 1992. He features in the ‘My Local Life’ section of this . He fought the seat against Kelly Green of Labour, Amy Finch of the Liberal Democrats and Tim Lee of the Green Party. The full result can be seen below.

Well done to all those who stood for election and congratulations to the winners!

Contact details for both Sir Oliver Heald and Anthony Browne can be found in our ‘Useful Numbers’ directory.