Be Sustainable: Becoming More Sustainable

Looking After You: Becoming More Sustainable

Making steps to become more conscious about the environment and living more sustainably can feel very overwhelming and almost impossible but by taking small and achievable steps it can make the process much more manageable and also enjoyable. Keeping things simply here are some steps to get your started;

• Finding an area of your life to focus on first instead of trying to do everything all at once, so maybe bathroom or cleaning items can be easily achieved quickly.
• The best way to be sustainable is to use what you already have and simply replace them with a more conscious purchase when you need to.
• Over consuming is a huge factor to the environmental issues we face so ask yourself “do you really need it?”
• Shopping package free can really help you reduce your waste whether is be just for shampoo bars or for your food shop, sourcing businesses that have the environment as a priority.
• Ditching the car and walking is a great way to get some exercise. It costs nothing and helps the environment, making it a great option.

Be kind to yourself, being completely sustainable is extremely hard so just making the efforts that are right for you and accessible to you right now is the best way, do what you can when you can and the process will be much more enjoyable.


Kim Fletcher