From the Eagle’s Nest to the Lion’s Den by local author Mirka Anderson.

From the Eagle’s Nest to the Lion’s Den by local author Mirka Anderson.

Five decades ago Mirka Anderson – our local authoress and film director- flew “From the Eagle’s Nest to the Lion’s Den “ – in other words from the socialist Poland to democratic England.

Her account of those years full of good and bad, happy but never sad is a fascinating biography, memoir and travelogue in England and all over the world.

Born in Warsaw, Poland 70 years ago; she completed a Warsaw University diploma in English and Spanish. On her arrival in England, she studied speech and language therapy and received an MSc in human communication from the University of London.

She also wrote a Polish Language course for English speakers for the Linguaphone Institute in London.

She was married and has three daughters: Caroline, Emma with Down’s Syndrome and Sophie.

Since moving into the area 40 years ago her mission has been to change the social perception of people like Emma who are positive, happy and very creative to list just a few attributes…

To make it possible worldwide Mirka made a documentary about Emma’s life success entitled “The Sky is the Limit “(the trailer is available on Google) and submitted to international film festivals; to date, she has received 30 awards from Hawaii to Bhutan and counting…

The book is a one-of-a-kind and un-put-downable read about exhilarating life experiences- join her on her voyage!

The book is available to buy from Bow Bookshop in Royston and also Amazon