Icknield Walk First School Goes the Extra Mile!

Icknield Walk First School goes the Extra Mile!

The children in year 4 had special visitors this week; their teachers and head teacher came to see them at home!

The year 4 children will be leaving Icknield Walk First School at the end of the summer term to go on to middle school.  Usually at the end of term there would be a concert, parties and a special leaver’s assembly with the presentation of a bookmark for each child from the school, but due to COVID-19 none of this has happened.

Head teacher Jane Sherwood said, ‘We are devastated that we weren’t able to give our year 4 children the usual send off and we wanted to do something to mark the end of their time in school with us’. The head teacher and class teachers spent time this week carrying out a socially distanced visit to every year 4 child to say goodbye to them and to wish them well for the future; and of course present them with their bookmark!

Jane Sherwood said, ‘The children were pleased to see us, some of them had prepared poems or memory books about their time in school and shared the work they had done in lockdown in their home school. The staff travelled around Royston and even into Bassingbourn to see the 60 year 4 children. The staff agreed how lovely it was to see everyone and hear of their plans going forward to their next schools.

‘We will miss them and we wish them all the best for the future’.

Phoebe and Jane Sherwood (Head Teacher) and Vanessa Stubbs (year 4 teacher)
Phoebe and Jane Sherwood (Head Teacher) and Vanessa Stubbs (year 4 teacher)