Endurance Estates support fundraising Dinner for Save the Rhino and raise over £35,000…

Endurance Estates support fundraising Dinner for Save the Rhino and raise over £35,000

Picture shows from right to left: Cathy Dean CEO of Save the Rhino Tim Holmes of Endurance Estates

A charity dinner for Save The Rhino International was hosted by Tim Holmes, Director of Endurance Estates, on 25 February. A staggering £35,000 was raised with the generous support of local businesses, including Carter Jonas, Cheffins, Marstan BDB, BCR Infinity Architects, Stantec and Savills along with friends and fellow conservationists.  The money donated will help support the Charity’s conservation projects and programmes around the world which range from providing equipment for anti-poaching patrols, biodiversity, education, and reforesting areas where habitat has been lost.

Some of the highlights of the evening included a live zoom presentation from the North Luangwa Conservation Project on their success in protecting the rhinos that were reintroduced in the 1990s, having sadly been wiped out in the 1970s.

A live link to a watering hole showed animals visiting and added atmosphere throughout the evening with the sound of cicadas chirping. An informative talk by Cathy Dean, Chief Executive of Save the Rhino International spoke of the efforts made to eradicate poaching and highlighted that naming individual rhinos meant that sadly there were far too few in existence. The past 40 years has seen Black Rhino numbers drop from 20,000 to just 3,000, a frightening and shocking fact.

Tim Holmes commented

“Endurance Estates were delighted to support the dinner for Save the Rhino International and thrilled with the funds raised. We are very thankful for the generosity of all those who attended.”

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