Conservators of Therfield Heath

Conservators of Therfield Heath

As the good weather comes and larger groups can meet up, we are aware that some people may still want (or need) to avoid crowds.

There are around 420 acres of common land within the main Heath and also eight common land greens located in and around Therfield. You can find some useful maps on our website here ( a quieter stroll, why not visit these lesser used areas which are all well served by local footpaths and bridleways.

The Conservators of Therfield Heath are pleased to announce that we have a new member of the team – Cheryll Wilson – who will be joining us part time as Head of Conservation. Going forward Cheryll will provide regular updates on our Facebook and twitter pages on what is happening on the Heath and Greens and any new sightings.

Cheryll will also be able, when the rules permit, to lead work parties to assist with our conservation efforts. This time in 2019 we were planning work parties to do work on pulling up ragwort and explaining the measures needed to control the spread of rape, cow parsley and tor grass on the site. Little such work occurred in 2020 because of Covid rules and so we will need to redouble our efforts as such species can become quickly get out of hand.

Therfield Heath is protected as a SSSI because of its special chalk grassland species. In July, you may be able to see the Chalkhill Blue butterfly. Looking back on our twitter feed in May 2020 we got sent some wonderful photos of perennial flax and field fleawort.

So keep your cameras ready and do please keep on sharing your photos with us @TherfieldHeath