Community News: March update from The Friends of Therfield Heath and Greens

A variety of cordless equipment is now being used on the Heath by the conservators and volunteers to keep the scrub in check.

The whole nature of the Heath would change without this necessary management. Over time the scrub would dominate the Heath, there would not be any grassland to walk across, fewer flowers would grow that support the butterflies and other insects and there would be less suitable ground for the ground nesting birds to use. The health of the Heath is beneficial to all us humans and the local wildlife. Over the winter months, House Martins have been spotted in a pre-migration gathering on the Heath and there has been an increase in birds of prey such as Marsh Harriers. This essential work is supported by the Friends who funded the tools from money raised at the many varied events they hold throughout the year. This winter we joined with the Royston Wildlife Group to promote a series of very interesting and informative wildlife talks. We would like to thank everyone who supports us.

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