British Grown Nordman Fir Christmas Trees Return To The Royston Heath Again This Year

Why choose a real tree rather than an artificial one?

Authenticity: The tradition of picking your own tree with family can’t be beaten and they provide a wonderful fragrance in the home. The Nordman Fir is the UK’s favourite Christmas tree with its dense symmetrical habit and shiny, fragrant, mid green, soft to touch needles that will not fall when taken into a centrally heated house.

Environmentally friendly: Our British grown Christmas trees are just part of a diverse farm environment. The trees are not all cut down at the same time but rather taken out in stages. This reduces the impact to the ground and wildlife. Trees are then re-planted into the gaps to continue the cycle. The Christmas tree plantation provides a very stable, diverse, sheltering and non-toxic habitat. The tree plantations are also under sown with a clover seed mix which helps to fix nitrogen into the soil reducing the need for fertilisers.
Sustainably grown trees in plantations in England have a much smaller associated carbon footprint than artificial trees manufactured in factories
thousands of miles away. The Forestry Commission states that real trees use about 10 times fewer materials and five times less energy than artificial trees.

Recyclable/biodegradable: Real Christmas trees require no manufacturing process and are 100% recyclable. Once Christmas is over rather than ending up in landfill sites they can be mulched for landscaping and gardening, or turned into woodchip.

How to best care for your real Christmas tree: When you get the tree home, cut an inch off of the bottom of the trunk (the same as you’d take a bit off the end of cut flowers). Place the tree in a bucket of water for an hour or so, only bringing in when you’re ready to decorate the tree. Mount the tree in a water retaining tree stand and place away from direct heat. Keep the stand topped up with water every day.