Be Sustainable: Save the Planet and Save Money

Save the Planet and Save Money

Often, we think that being eco-friendly or more sustainable comes with a huge price tag but being more conscious about the environment can in fact save you money. When making choices that help the planet it means we can slow down on spending, save resources and have a much simpler lifestyle.

• Wait before purchasing a new item. Often we purchase things on impulse, however if we can wait and think about if we really need that new item and if we will really get the use of it, naturally we will only purchase things we need and save money on things that we won’t really use, at the same time saving the planets resources.

• Cook your own food rather than rely on convenience foods which often come in plastic packaging that ultimately ends in landfill.

• Shop second hand or DIY, if we purchase things second hand this can give a new life to things that would ordinarily end up in landfill, also second hand items are usually much cheaper. Making your own or repairing a damaged item can also save money and resources.

• Walk whenever possible. If you stop taking small trips in the car, this has a reduction in carbon emissions and costs you nothing and once again is so much better for your health.

• Electronics have a huge pull on the planet’s resources, therefore ignoring the pressure to have the most up to date phone or TV will naturally save huge amounts of money and reduces the amount that ends up in landfill.

Stay safe, Kim

Kim Fletcher