Be Sustainable in February

Be Sustainable in February

In these still chilly winter months let’s think about food!
The 21st February is Shrove Tuesday with families across the land dusting off their trusty pans and buying ingredients ready for the big fry!

But let’s think about this for a minute. We cheerfully buy readymade mixes and sprinkle sugar and lemon juice or maple syrup over our dessert, but most of these have a lot of plastic and airmiles attached to them. Here are some more sustainable options: Use organic flour and milk, and free-range eggs for a rich, homemade batter. Golden syrup grown and processed in the UK is delicious. Homemade jams made from locally grown fruit is another favourite and apples cooked with a dash of cinnamon and served with dairy ice-cream is dreamy. If, like my guys, a pancake isn’t a pancake without chocolate spread, then maybe consider a palm oil-free, fair-trade option instead.

Speaking of which, Fair Trade Fortnight begins on the 27th February. There is a genuine issue that bananas, cocoa and coffee will become increasingly difficult to grow because of climate change. If we cherish those daily provisions, we have a responsibility to support this initiative:

The temperatures will improve and shoots begin to force their way through as the days get a little longer. Those sleepy hedgehogs are cautiously getting out and about and it’s a good time to check over the garden for anything they could get tangled in. It’s also time for a final pruning of fruit trees and bushes before their buds pop in the spring. Reuse cardboard egg cartons to “chit” first early potatoes on a windowsill indoors and sow leeks under cover as they need a long growing season.

Happy propagating! From the Sustain-Ability Team