Out & About: Royston Cave Arts Project

You’ve probably heard about – or maybe even been involved in – the short film Kettle’s Yard have been making in Royston in collaboration with artists Marcus Coates and Leah Millar, and Royston Cave.

Coates has been asking Royston residents about the questions they carry around with them that never get resolved. He placed question cards and post-boxes around Royston and received dozens of questions from members of the public. These have included everything from “How can we attract more people to Royston High Street?” to “Should I travel the world before it’s too late?”

Coates is working with various community groups including teachers at Tannery Drift Primary School, the Friends of Royston Museum, Royston Civic Forum, a group of young people, and a crochet group to consider what they think are the important issues facing Royston today. The groups’ discussions are being filmed as part of a short artist film and offer a fascinating insight into the lives, concerns, and aspirations of the people of Royston.

In the film, the questions are explored in Royston Cave. Inspired by the cave’s rich and enigmatic history, Coates has trained a group of local residents to approach problem-solving in new and imaginative ways.

The group uses a technique called ‘unconscious reasoning’ to explore the questions put forward by the people of Royston and offer a bold new perspective on the important issues facing the town today.

Watch this space for details of the first local screenings, which will take place in May. The film will also be shown as part of a display at Kettle’s Yard from 16th May – 14th June 2020. Please double check to see if the event is still running due to COVID-19.

For further information about the project or to find out ways to get involved please contact ellen@kettlesyard.cam.ac.uk

This project is commissioned by Kettle’s Yard, the University of Cambridge’s modern and contemporary art gallery, and is supported by Arts Council England.