Knowledge is Key

Knowledge is Key

When first exploring the idea of living more sustainably, it felt extremely overwhelming.

It can appear that we have no hope and that we would have to change our entire lifestyles to live in a more conscious way for the planet. I find that keeping up to date with different knowledge sources helps me focus on the changes I can implement at this present time. Here are some great sources that might help you grow your knowledge on how and why we can change our habits.

Netflix documentaries are a great source of easy watching shows that are informative and easy to access. Recent favourites include “Seaspircy”, the impacts our lifestyles are having on the important ocean eco system. “Kiss the Ground” is an informative documentary that explains how our soil is becoming depleted and what solutions we have to encourage regenerative farming.

YouTube Video “The Story of Stuff”, a short video by Annie Leonard, the author of “Story of Stuff” book, explains how the system of making and disposing our stuff is ruining the planet and what we can do about it.

The Ocean Clean Up is a great initiative that is actively cleaning our oceans of Plastic waste, using advanced technologies to help tackle the millions of tons of plastic entering our oceans each year. They have a great website that explains their mission and how you can help.

Knowledge really is key to educating yourself on the reasons you feel more drawn to living a certain lifestyle, and of course we only get one planet, ensuring we all do our best to protect that planet is important.

Safe Stay, Kim

Kim Fletcher